Rogue Port

So what if I don’t have focus?

Along side other things, I am doing a port of Rogue into C#.  In particular, I’m doing a port of the Epyx version 1.48 for DOS.

The method of porting is very similar to the method I use to port old BASIC games into C#.  First, I move all of the code into C# file with every line commented.  Then I go and slowly replace the commented lines with equivalent C# code.

Rogue, however, is rather unlike the BASIC games I have ported.  In BASIC, there was typically only a single listing/file to port.  Rogue has dozens of C files.

So I decided to abuse the “partial class” feature of C#.  Each of the C files went into a CS file with the same name.  There is a namespace around the code, and the code exists within “partial class Program”.  Yes, I have a Program class that spans nearly 40 files.

I can hear the C# people cringe.

But it just goes to show… a language like C# doesn’t force anybody into object oriented programming.


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