My Dev Setup


Above is a picture of my computer setup at home.

The setup consists of:

1) the screen(83″ 4:3) Cost: $150

2) the projector inside of a tv stand modified into a roll cart.  the bottom part of the cart contains most of the wires for the rig. Cost: $500 for projector, and I think $50 for the cart, the casters, and various extension cords and power strips.

3) the computer, which does not fit inside the cart. I need to figure out some way to attach it. Cost: $450, plus $80 for the video capture card, plus another $30 for the wireless ethernet card.
4) a 36″ piece of 2×12 (sits across the arms of the recliner I sit in) Cost: can’t remember, but this was a part of a 10′ section at one point. The rest of this particular piece of lumber is a base for my bathtub.

5) wireless keyboard and mouse . Cost $25

6) external hard drive  where my SVN repository is (inside the cart) Cost $100

A little less than $1400, and I can develop software on my wall with my feet up.

I also watch tv with it, and I’ve got a gamecube connected into it.

Truly, the only way to develop software.


3 thoughts on “My Dev Setup

  1. That’s odd, I can’t imagine working on a projector screen. The resolution looks like it’s really really low, the lines would not be crisp, and the ‘refresh rate’ of projectors is even lower than old CRTs so it’s pretty bad for your eyes. Not to mention, the colors look washed out in your pic, although I don’t believe that’s typical of projectors.

    I’d much sooner choose my high-res dual monitor setup over a large projected image any day, and for $650 (screen+projector) you could easily get 2 great monitors and a dual-monitor video card capable of the latest games.

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