The Final Stretch?


Well, I’ve got all of the buttons on the main menu doing something, and my last two dialogs (theme selection and options) are now in and working.

Which means I now head into polish mode.  The game has been functionally there for quite some time, and now I’ve got all of the menuing and UI support stuff finished.

Typically, where I am at right now would be about as far as I’d go with a game. While I actually touched the real game code today (the stuff that actually contains game mechanics), it was a small change to support the options I put in.

From here on out, it is all small, barely noticeable changes that  take a lot of time and, truth be told, are really annoying and frustrating.

For example, there is one tweak that will be necessary involving the menu button and how it initially shows up in internet explorer. IE and fox handle the “right” style a little differently, and making code that works in both is a little hackish.

Another thing still to do is put in a “you win” dialog or something when the puzzle is complete. I’ve long since ditched the cheerleader, and I’m most likely to just go with a simple window popping up that states “you win! congrats!” and maybe show some statistics.

For a while, I had toyed with the idea of completely ditching <img> tags everywhere, and strictly go with html tags <input> <button> <div> for my graphical elements.  I could easily replace all of the images used on the board with <div>s, and the load time would be amazing, since there would be no images to download.

I have decided not to go that route for this game (I’d like to be done someday, and this sort of constraint reminds me a bit of my ASCII graphics and hexagonal board fetishes, and nobody likes an eccentric game developer) .


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