New Updates


It’s getting to the point where I can begin to see the end of development!

I now have some content for Instructions, Tips and Tricks, and About.  I used the same “dialog box” for all three.

Also, a minor improvement that I was remiss in adding for quite some time now…. the “are you sure” prompt when you start a new game when the old game isn’t finished yet.

Contents in the help/about/tips windows are likely just placeholder, but I tried to give them some semblance of being decent content, as I have a tendency to have placeholder content become permanent.

Through this game, I have become a lot more <div> savvy.  For example… if I were to rewrite JetLag again, it would be done with 41 <div> tags(score, high score, background, head, 5 tail pieces, 2 walls, 30 blocks), a whole lot of style manipulation(mostly left and top), and two updates to innerHTML for scoring.


I’ve been thinking about my previous MakeDeez Games project, and I’ve been making a new list of games that I think I should have on the site.  Again it is over 50.

Considering that Connect! has taken about a month to get to where it is, and is likely to take at least another 2-4 weeks to be “finished” with all of the tweaks and whatnot, and that Connect! isn’t a very complex game (I’d give it a “2” on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “Click the yellow rhombus” and 5 being “Space Trader” or “Rogue”, which is about as complex as I feel I could possibly complete on my own) .

If a “2” takes a month and a half to two months, a “1” may take a week or two, a “3” is likely to take at least three months, a “4” would be up to six months, and a “5” up to a year, I think I’ve got myself booked for the next 20 years.

To be honest, the itch to write “Dungeon Delver” is upon me.  Not for the first time, of course, and doubtfully for the last.


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