New Version of Connect!

Currently, I’m working on it in an isolated manner, so this link is a temporary work in progress type of deal. Eventually it’ll be merged into the real online version again.  Really this isn’t too big of a deal… I only have to changed a couple of paths to images (on the actual version, the path to images is images/jsconnect rather than simply images), but I have over numerous updates tired of doing this as often as I have been.

Also, as far as Connect! is concerned, I want to have it as fully functional as possible before  I update it on the main site again.

The main menu is up and two buttons are operational.  The new game dialog has been made and is operational.  You can now use game numbers to play the same game over again. I currently don’t have a way to retrieve the game number of the current game, but that’ll happen soon.

This project has really taught me a lot about the platform I’m working on. I’m a lot more <div> savvy than I was before, and I’ve picked up a couple of “this’ll work in browser X but not browser Y” tricks.  At the moment, I still only target IE and Fox.

In copying the project to the site, I noticed there is a bit of image clutter for me to clean up. I completely ditched images for the main menu and new game dialog (and all other dialogs, but I didn’t make any images for them, so there is nothing to get rid of).

I am on Revision 32 in my SVN repository already, which is quite a few to go through from January 18 to February 3.   Of course, I don’t make myself go through code reviews.


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