Monthly Blog Entry About Blogging

I think it is appropriate to blog about blogging about once a month. I figured I’d get it out early in the month, so as to leave plenty of time for actual content the rest of the month.

I still haven’t changed my wordpress theme from the default. I have, however, gone into several areas like the blogroll and “about” sections and fill them out.

I’ve also spent some time looking at the blog stats. Most days, it makes me feel like a tree falling with nobody around to hear it.

Which makes me wonder why I am doing this at all (ah, yes… now I’m in full “blog about blogging” swing, complete with self-examined angst!).

If one considers a blog mostly to be a sort of “diary” where one explores his thoughts and feelings, then I’m failing to do that. I mostly talk about a silly game I’m writing. I don’t even have my real name posted anywhere.


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