Menu Dialog

I’ve got a main menu dialog coming along for Connect!

While I originally used <input> and <button> tags, I am now ditching those in favor of my own “buttons” using <img> tags.  This is mainly so that I can get a consist look and feel across browsers. Also, buttons and check boxes are not terribly difficult to implement with an <img> tag: just four images and a few javascript handlers (onmouseover, onmouseout, onmousedown, onmouseup, and onclick).

For some things, I’m going to be stuck with the inconsistent rendering of various <input> tags, especially text boxes and combo boxes. I’ll go as far as reinventing the wheel with simple controls, but not when it comes to complex controls like that.

I’m really quite pleased with how Connect! is turning out. My earlier javascript work looked very cheesy and plain, but as I improve with my mad js/html skills, it is looking like nothing is too hard to do in js.

Which means that the programming world has become something like it was when I first started approximately 20 years ago, by which I mean that anybody can write software without buying big, expensive, complicated tools and IDEs and compilers.  I can make a game with notepad and MS Paint if I want (although I don’t… I use Notepad++ and Paint .NET)


2 thoughts on “Menu Dialog

  1. Microsoft has released a simplified version of its Big Expensive Complicated Tool, and named it Visual ____ Express. Also, it’s free! As far as I’m concerned, that would be more enabling to a newbie than what you’re describing – you can’t debug very easily with Notepad. I’ve been there, I know.

    As far as learning the language goes, can you point me at a decent Javascript book that’s under $100? I’ve actually been interested in learning it for some other projects, and I can’t find a price that I’ll swallow yet.

  2. I was mostly waxing nostalgic to the day when you could go boot your computer and ,without any other software, you could write software for it.

    I have never once picked up a JS book.

    All the JS/HTML/CSS reference I have used:

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