Revised Feature List

New Updated Version 

-Graphical themes.
Implemented But Needs Improvement:
-Declunkify the UI.
-Winner celebration (ditch Cheerleader)
-extra for “perfect” game
-Navigator (remove revert button, change confirm dialog, tooltips)
Still Not Implemented:
-Timed play, starting only after the first move is made.
-Move counter, counting total number of moves made
-The ability to choose a random seed/game number, so that the same board may be generated again.
-Improved graphics.
-Help file, including tips and tricks for solving a puzzle.
-Tutorial Options:
-Color code chains(y/n)
-Allow isolated chains to be created(y/n)
-Allow loopback chains to be created(y/n)
-Title Screen.
-A “Give Up”/”Solve” button.
-The ability to “lock” connections that the player “knows” are correct.
-A tool that allows one chain of connected nodes to disconnect all nodes within it(Hammer Tool).


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