Refactor #2

Well, I added a lot of stuff, and Connect! got messy again.  Also, I think I’m evolving in the way I do my JSHTML projects, so my style is changing, which means I need to go through and make stuff consistent again.

I’ve pretty much touched every script file in the project making a handful of functions into an object instead.

One of the things  I really like aboutJavaScript is the easy way I can go from:

function  createThings(){/*…*/}

function showThings() {/*…*/}

function  hideThings(){/*…*/}


var things=






I’m starting to build up a pretty good library of objects that are reusable. For example, I have a htmlGenerator object that can make tags for me given the following:







“id”:”theImage” ,









Which will spit a string that contains:

<img id=”theImage” src=”images/theimage.png” style=”position:absolute;left:16px;top:16px;”>

And this may lead you to question “What does this gain?”

Now I can manipulate tag descriptor objects (say in an array) and use the same descriptor object multiple times.

Anyway, I find this more useful than my old way of just writing the text out.


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