New Navigation Controls

After noticing that the side of the game is getting rather cluttered, I wanted to simplify it. The buttons that really are needed to play effectively are Undo Last, Save Current State, Restore Current State, and Reset.

This is what I have decided upon:

These buttons will go away, to be replaced with a navigator at the bottom of the play area.

The navigator will have a “Previous Mark”, “Previous Move”, “Next Move”, “Next Mark” buttons using the standard DVD style buttons “|<“, “<“, “>”, and “>|”.

There will be a flag image (functions like a checkbox) to mark the currently selected move. The initial state of the board and the last move made are always treated as though marked regarding the navigator.

There will also be a small piece of text indicating that the player is looking at “X of Y” move.

If looking at a historical move, the player will not be allowed to modify the board. I will need some sort of “revert to this state” button when looking at historical moves.

For themes and board size, I’m considering putting them on a “dialog” that you can get to by an “Options” button, and the “New Game” button will simply make a game the same size as the last one.

In this way, I should be able to get it all on the bottom of the screen and less obtrusive.


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