SVN Repository

I started putting together an SVN repository on my computer.

It turns out that I’ve got a bunch of stuff that could really be dusted off and shown.

It also turns out that I’ve started a port of Space Trader more times that I thought, to as almost as many different platforms as I have ever worked on.

The purpose of my Repository is, of course, to make it easy to backup in one place, as I figure I’ll be getting a new computer in about a year.

But also, it’d be nice to be able to version control my stuff.  Plenty of times I’ve wished I could go back to a version just a few hours before.  This way I’ll be able to.

I’ve also had a chance to clean out the stuff I really don’t need (like the aforementioned stubs of space trader).

So, yeah! I’m tired of losing stuff, and tired of rewriting stuff I don’t need to. I’ve generated lots and lots of code over the years, so it is time to reap the benefit.


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