Board Sizes Other Than 8×8


JSConnect 16×16 Partially Solved Board

I finally got one of the big features left to implement done, namely the ability to have differently sized boards.

Revised TODO for Connect!

  1. Timed play, starting only after the first move is made.
  2. The ability to choose a random seed/game number, so that the same board may be generated again.
  3. A “Give Up”/”Solve” button.
  4. Improved graphics.
  5. Help file, including tips and trick for solving a puzzle.
  6. A tool that allows one chain of connected nodes to disconnect all nodes within it(Hammer Tool).
  7. Three “Levels” of play, Beginner(will not allow nodes to create isolated pockets nor loops), Intermediate(will not allow nodes to create loops, but will allow isolated pockets), and Expert(go ahead and loop and isolate all you like).
  8. The ability to “lock” connections that the player “knows” are correct.
  9. Title Screen.
  10. Declunkify the UI.
  11. Graphical themes.

2 thoughts on “Board Sizes Other Than 8×8

  1. For No. 4 Improved Graphics – it would be nice if you gave the player a theme option. They could choose to make the connections between pipes, electrical circuits, race track pieces etc. It’s a lot of graphical work, so probably not that feasible, but just an idea.

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